Dating for meaningful relationship with ladies from Russia who are ready to move.

Russian brides for men from abroad

Do you need a bride from Russia? You’ve come to the right place!

There are more than 1000 single, intelligent and educated women at the age of 18-50 in our database. Also our partner agencies have thousands of profiles!  

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Do you need a bride from Russia? You’ve come to the right place!

If you are interested in getting acquainted with women, our professional matchmaker will help you to find your special Russian woman who:

• will inspire you with her charm, femininity and intelligence;

• will be a good friend and a companion in all your conceptions, work and rest.

The service is provided by classic or VIP program (according to your choice)

Individual search, selection of brides, the service of a matchmaker (Moscow and other cities)

Expert advice on issues of dating with Russian women. Personal assistant.

 Targeted search/selection of brides in Moscow and regions of Russia, considering the wishes about the bride (age, education, type, physical characteristics, etc.)

The contract is for 1 year.

Search and selection of status brides (models at the age of 18-30)

Filling out and processing a client's presentation

Advice on dating with Russian ladies

The selection of ladies corresponding to the wishes of the client in our own database and model agencies, also in partner agencies of Moscow and Russia

The contract is for 1 year.

Love’s for everybody – no matter where you live and how old you are.

So, let's get acquainted!

Natalia Faktulina has been working in the field of matchmaking since 2007. Hundreds of people found their love during this time. You can also find the one that will gain your heart! We will be happy to help you to find happiness with a Russian lady, whose beauty is so admirable!

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#103 (32/165) THAILAND

Date of birth: 1987

Height 165 weight 48

Not married, no children

Profession: manager of entertainment complex

#1130 (41/158) THAILAND

Date of birth: 1978 

Height 158 Weight 50 

Not married, No сhildren 

Profession: Hair stylist

#1136 (35/160) Yekaterinburg

Date of birth: 1984

Not married, no children

Height 160 Weight 57

Profession: depilation master

#099 (21/165) NOVOSIBIRSK

Date of birth: April 14, 1998

Not married, no children

Height/Weight: 165/50

Primary school teacher of correctional and developmental education

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