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Arranged dating? Prepaid matchmakers?

Arranged dating? Prepaid matchmakers? 

Why not… 

Have you ever thought why matchmaking isn’t free?


First of all time is precious. If you’re ready to pay for the carwash or a medical appointment, why should you think that finding a perfect match for the whole life should be free. It does need perfect skills and time to interview applicants, create a databank and link it all together. 


But in the end it is happiness we are talking about. Do you want to be happy? We can make you an offer. Of course you can try to save up and find a match by yourself for free, but are you sure that this match or the next would be perfect? How many times should you try to find what you’re searching for and think along that this perfect match may not exist at all… This is a waste of time. And time is one of those things you never get back. 


What if one’s working hard and wand a strong relationship, a house, kids and weekend barbecue, but all he can find is some stray bride who will blow all of his money for fashion and cocktails and walk away as a fatal winner… Sad, isn’t it? 


We can save your time and nerve and find you a perfect match. All what you need is to give us a chance, and pay for our skill and the time we spend on your happiness. 


Never try, never trust. 

So, wanna give it a try? We are ready. Are you?