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The mysterious Russian soul

Russia is extra-large and ultra-beautiful for everything: its both natural geographical and architectural creations, its contrasts, its varieties of all things. The most adorable variety consists of the unique Russian people. Russian women are known to possess the very "mysterious Russian soul", portrayed in famous classical literature.

But those "mysterious" persons tend to attract not only mesmerised foreigners, but also LOADS of stereotypes, sometimes believable, sometimes controversive. I would like to spill some light on a couple of those stereotypes.




Well, I must notice (being a person, travelling widely and actively inside and outside Russia) the connection of some beauty "patterns" (the colour of hair, eyes, height, eastern or slavic eyes, e.t.c.) with the region of dwelling. And Russia is extremely rich inregions. Not only beauty, but some character features can vary in Russia, spreading from "Nhe Country of the Rising Sun" to the foggy Baltic shores, from Hypnotising Polar North to the Steppes and Paradise-like subtropics.





Bipolarity of this stereotype really makes me mad sometimes! Some people would suppose that being married to a Russian woman means "providing a Barbie", while the others may say, that a Russian wife "demands nothing and would follow their husbands everywhere like devoted Dekabrists' wives". Yes, being a Russian I feel shame for those who see only economical benefits of getting married to a foreigner, and I don't accept that way of thinking But honestly, ask yourself, does this "economical" behaviour depend on a certain nation? or maybe on a certain person? I tend to follow the second idea. I can say with all the responsibilities, that Russian women in contrast with their eastern and western girl-pals tend to listen to their heart, their feelings first. If you are lucky enough, if you know what you want and you have a definite goals in life, you will find your destiny and will be regarded with grattitude and happiness.

Real Russian woman is a sinsere, kind person, good listener, crafty housewife, master of comfy conversations. Moreover each Russian beauty is unrepeatable in its magic. Finally, Russia is both Europe and Asia, and, the Passion of genuine feelings, melted and mixed in that junction of the civilizations, is born right here.

©️Юлианна Винник @vinnlyll for @marriageagency_from_russia